Acano MCU red in Dashboard with username/password error


If you see an Acano MCU showing as red in the Dashboard, with a 'Please check username/password' error in the Event Log, but you know that you have not changed the API password recently, check whether the API password has expired by using ssh to connect to the Acano MCU, and typing the command: user list. This lists the configured user accounts and the password expiry dates.

The expiry doesn't come into affect until the MCU is rebooted.

To update the API password for an infractructure component:

  1. Go to Provisioning Management and click on the folder where the MCU/Call Control is added (it is added at the root level in your platform).
  2. Click the Infrastructure tab.
  3. Find the component you want to update the password for and click Edit.
  4. Update the API password field with the new password.
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