Configuration Tool will not allow me to Save


There are certain scenarios you may have an issue with your configuration tool not allowing you to save such as when you are upgrading your Synergy Join Installation from Beta to Live.

The below workaround will allow you to re-install your Synergy Join Installation without loosing all of the settings that you had working in your Beta(or live version?

1. Stop the service (Synergy Join.service)
2. Close the config tool
3. Run the installer in the config/upgrade folder (e.g. C:\SynergySKY\SynergySKYEnterpriseScheduling\config\upgrade or C:\Program Files\SynergySKYEnterpriseScheduling\config\upgrade)
4. Start the config tool to verify the version number (This should be the latest version Number)
5. Start the service

Once this is complete, you should be able to save your Synergy Join configuration tool.


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